Castor Oil...sickeningly good

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Good, the Bad, the Apocalypse

Bush to Have Colonoscopy at Camp David

While it's comforting to learn that Bush will finally take it in the ass instead of having the rest of the world do so on his behalf, knowing that Cheney will have the keys to the gun closet for even a little bit is terrifying.

Oh well, it was a reasonably nice run for humanity.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back To Mystery City


Well it's been some time since I had something to say, or rather the wherewithal to say it in this forum. Suffice to say about a year ago my life started blowing up rather dramatically in my beautiful face and I went into remission from the outside world trying to figure all that out.

But I am back now, and dammit I look pretty good.

So as part of my life reclamation project I'm going to commit myself to posting on a regular basis. I have a bunch more mover profiles running around my head, band dude bullshit to write about, and of course a year's worth of monumental stupidity by our electorate to ponder. That is all to come but for now I will start with a simple poem -

I know a guy
He is like a lemon rind eaten by a syphilitic weasel
And then pooped out on the sidewalk
And then the lemon poop rind is stepped on by a crack whore
Who is then hired by a one armed leper with goopy eyes
Who licks her lemon poop feet
And then the leper eats a raw onion
And drinks sour milk
And sits down next to you on the subway
And his breath wafting into your face
That's this guy
Lemon weasel shit leper crack whore onion sour milk breath tinged with herpes and syphilis guy

If you see him feel free to send my regards, preferably with a bat to the mouth.

Nice to be back with you all!