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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Words, (nerds?)

I've been archiving shit off this blog, editing and revamping and whatnot to use in the great, nay greatest, American novel for some time now.

It's weird to go back over it sometimes, like a time capsule of how different my life was not so very long ago. Some of it is bad but most of it is good to read. For a long time when revisited some of the more chuckle inducing stuff I wondered if I would get that sense of humor back. I think it has found me again, I have been amusing myself pretty well and I think the stuff in the book to be is pretty good.

OK, you know me....I think it's great. Still.......

I don't know if I will ever really fire this thing up to what it was, with the frequency of posts and all'a that. I'm busy as hell these days and have a lot more creative outlets, but I'll try.

For you, my lovely public.

A piece of advice....don't ever eat at Checker's. Ever. Like, not once in your entire life even out of dumb curiosity. Trust me, I have taken that bullet for all of us. While most of my internal organs have the tenacity of a wolverine and the tensile strength of worm silk my stomach got a white trash fall off the porch style beating worthy of a hall of fame episode of Cops within ten minutes of ingesting that swill.

The chili dog, it was tasty, to be honest.

Doesn't Sarah Palin just seem like the most obnoxious bitch you would ever have to sit next to at a back to school night or soccer game or something of the like? She makes me want to throw appliances at the TV set when I see her. I think it's that weird speedbump thing on the back of her head that sets me off, either that or her insane position on things and completely retarded ascendancy to something larger than the Vice Presidency of a home owner's association, (or a position of similar meaningless stature).

My cat is insane.


  • I have already reviewed your unwritten novel at ("four stars!"), and plan to buy it in digital form and put it on my iPod and have a computer voice read it to me while I have my toenails professionally clipped.

    Keep up the good work.

    By Blogger Dave Nuttycombe, at 11:29 PM  

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