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Tuesday, May 06, 2008


My dog just ate a bee out of midair. Tasty.

This beautiful morning has not been fun so far, hopefully the day will be more fun as it progresses. The car is in the shop and peoples that are important peoples are upset with me, alas! Still all in all, I have it better today than that bee. He's fucked, (and being digested). Poor bee, the world hardly knew ye.

$66.00 to fill up my tank yesterday, thanks George Bush!!

Today legions of voters head to the polls to help choose the nominee that will inexplicably find a way to lose to John McCain in November, thus cementing the Democrats as the must superb bunch of lunkhead campaign failures in modern history. It's not like they just can't hit a meat pitch, they can't even accidentally knock the ball off a t-ball stand.

This Gutter Twins album is the balls.

Looking forward to some rocking and rolling tonight.

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo which for many is a cause for great booze filled celebration, for me it brings back painful memories of burning flesh, bags of frozen peas and the longest drive home in history. Vaya Con Dios Cinco de Mayo, I have to say I won't be sorry to see you go for another year.

I had a very weird dream last night, the kind you wake up from and look around yon surroundings to see if it really happened. As I have no sand in my toes nor the sound of waves crashing in my ears I guess I can sadly assume that I have not actually moved to the beach. Oh well, let's see what the Sandman brings me this evening, maybe he'll move me to New York City and I can be superbly fashionable in more conducive surroundings than where I currently reside.

I have to go to Georgia next week, that's always a bit of a culture shock. Last time I was there some Bret Michael's lookalike wanted to hug me at the bar, as he was absolutely devastated by the untimely demise of Heath Ledger and needed some bro consolation. I liked the Patriot and all too but jeez dude, we don't really need to hug it out in public.

I picked Dandelions with the wee one yesterday, that was good for the heart and mind. Simple pleasures, but the best kind of them.

Enough randomness, time to grease the wheels of Capitalism and let the pooch out to further pare down the already dwindling bee population.



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