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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Rubber band or band of rubbers?

It's kind of funny that after I reposted the seven stages of the bad gig stuff yesterday that I spent this morning crafting the email blastarama to pimp our show coming up on the 18th, (at Iota….what?!?!?). There are some distinct differences between me and the shaved apes that were the subject of my story though.

1 - Our show will be totally awesome.
2 - Iota doesn't serve pizza.
3 - Our guitarist looks like Jesus and doesn't spike his hair,
4 - I'm not a delusional egomaniacal lead singer.

Ok, I'll let you strike numero cuatro but you have to roll with me on the top three.

It's been good to have the band fired back up after a year off. That was kind of stupid to do that, to shut down, but it just sort of happened and was necessary at the time with everybody's lives having different levels of kookiness, (mostly me), and big changes, (the other dorks), occupying their time. Lot of shit can settle in a year though so we're back on solid ground. The songs sound good, the hair is still fucking beyond fabulous, general sexiness abounds. It's going to be good to get it on again in the live show woah woah sort of way.

It's also the week of the anniversary of one of the greatest events in the history of mankind, a seminal blessing of sorts that not only made the world ultimately a better place but changed the way mankind perceived his place in the universe. I am of course talking about my birthday. Leonardo da Vinci's as well, so it's just custom made for intellectual badasses.

Of course it's also the day that Abe Lincoln died and the Titanic sank. And income tax day.

Fuck it, let's drink.


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