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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Edit - Way too nice to not be sitting on a patio getting refreshed. That is all. I now return you to your regularly scheduled bullshitting.

Every once in a great while something is said to me that makes me go, "WHUUUUUHHH???". It isn't that I don't hear ridiculous shit on a daily basis, because I do, but I feel pretty well armored up against 99.999999% of it. Just when that one little morsel of conversation that seems so totally whackyjack boociferously insane comes through the aural cavity that can make me blink repeatedly, well, that is just got to be some off the wall communication the likes of which would make a Michael Jackson album cover proud.

Such a thing was said to me yesterday, and I'm still shaking my noggin to and fro about it in hopes of removal.

Shake Shake.

Nope, still there!!!!

This hangs on with more perseverance than a crusty booger on a cafeteria lady's nose hair.

The blogs and pundits are all a-twitter about whether Hillary will drop out of the election in the next little while, and I'm kinda torn about it actually. Part of me wants to be able to stop paying attention to this piece of things and get ready for the, "Rev. Wright is an agent of voodoo who has that Muslim operative Osama Obama preparing his subversive plan to destroy Amurrikah ", advertisements the RNC will throw out there. The other part of me wants to chant "let them play" like the kindly Houstonians watching the Bad News Bears at the Astrodome and let Mz. Clinton battle it out at the convention floor. Dan Rather would have to let the crotch out in his pants if that were the case, (as revolting a thought as that might be).

Speaking of news guy crotch, I saw Garrick Utley's ballsack once. That was pretty grody.

Nuts aside and as mentioned yesterday I firmly believe the Dems will fuck this whole thing up somehow, so the end result in how the nomination goes won't matter either way.

Thus ends the thoughts for the day on boogers and balls. I need to get back to work.


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