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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

More Ted

In the interest of fairness I just read the official Allen rebuttal to the latest Webb ad. Now I realize that Ted Stevens was head of the Appropriations Cmte. at the time in question so his name is all over this kind of spending stuff but still, I was almost, (almost), shocked that Allen would reference Stevens in any sort of way.

From the Allen rebuttal, (explaining his no vote), about not funding body armor via the bill sponsored by Chris Dodd:

Sen. Ted Stevens, WWII Veteran, on the amendment. "What Senator Dodd's amendment does, though, is it adds money to accounts we have already plused up, and it takes it from money to bring the troops home. He has attacked the exact wrong part of the bill." (Congressional Record, October 2, 2003)

Can anyone with a smidge of brain function put any faith in the ramblings of Ted Stevens especially surrounding fiscal responsibility in regards to Govt. spending? Senator Stevens has lorded over a committee that has decimated funding for things like brain injury research and long-term care at the V.A. I guess in his mind tough choices have to be made because of "more important " priorities (my emphasis added) in spending bills.

First and foremost #1 issue to deal with is the fact that the 50 residents of Gravina, Alaska have been denied their rights as Americans by way of not having a $212,000,000 bridge built to connect them (as earmarked and demanded for by one Ted Stevens) to the bustling metropolis of Ketchikan, Alaska. Right now they have to take a ferry that only runs only every 15 MINUTES!!!! HORRORS!!!!

So if George Allen wants to hitch his cart to Ted Stevens and ADMIT IT he must be even more brazen, shallow or stupid than I thought, (if that's possible).
And one more thing on Sen. Stevens' quote, isn't the mere suggestion of wanting to bring troops home suggesting we "cut and run" thus emboldening the terrorist thugs and killers that want us to be destroyed and more scarily allow homosexuals shared property rights?????



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