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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Good vs. Evil and Ali Baba to boot

And yea the time of peace hath run its course and now war is nigh upon the land of Fairfax…………

This Saturday ye olde Pharmacy Prophets are rocking and rolling, (for the last time till the cold days of December mind you), at TT Reynolds in Fairfax.

While every show is an earth shattering pelvic destruction machine this one has a special quality of menace and mirth to it.
Y'see for both those that know and those that don't (yeah right, like those of you who live on the moon!), we used to have this big bald tattooed guitarist named Wesley in the band. Sure he acts like a big softie but in his soul he is an agent of Satan much like Steve Vai in Crossroads.

Being pure of heart the Prophetitos parted ways with Skinhead McSouleater sometime back and he went to ply his malevolence with a band called Honeychuck. Meanwhile we added our own Ralph Macchio, (to keep the Crossroads parable consistent), on the electric twanger box in the form of one Trey Ponish who is so angelic that he even looks like Jesus!

I guess with all of the hoopla going on across the planet that a final showdown of good (that's us) versus evil (that's Honeychuck), was inevitable. So it's all coming to a head on Saturday. Basically the two of them will go at it and determine through guitar histrionics which way the sun is going to rise from here on out.

Personally I think it's about time, not knowing what spiritual force has ultimate dominion over all of creation leads to confusion amongst the masses and that's never a good thing for those of us who are kicking it on a higher level of consciousness and power.

So if you want to find out firsthand who you shall have to swear fealty to and not just catch the highlights through visions and images on pieces of buttered toast get out to TT's and see it all go down for yourself. While I can't promise the outcome I'm pretty sure that the lightning bolts, archangels, demons, blistering guitar solos and shots of whiskey turning to blood before your eyes are going to be worth the price of admission.

I know Trey's up for the challenge. At practice last night he was slapping around a sock puppet with a "Hello Kitty" guitar drawn on it and muttering something about being Wesley Ringo's huckleberry.
Guitarists are weird, that's why I concentrate on singing and having great hair.

Saturday, September 9th at TT Reynolds
10414 Main Street - Fairfax, VA
The Pharmacy Prophets save the universe from evil
w/ Honeychuck and Random Access
Five Bucks
Shirts, shoes and souls required


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