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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Sometimes in the course of human events there comes a time for a reckoning and for me the reckoning is nigh………………

I've just been blah on the blog, blah on the column, actually blah on everything about the band other than writing which I have been 100% non-blah about.

And so I think about things and why I'm just not fired up about most anything. I find myself wanting to do not much more than wile away time in a bar and obsess about the rock opera and smoke too many cigarettes and just generally be a middle aged degenerate motherfucker. It's a pattern that I have cut many times in the past, a malaise that portends something awesome soon to come, whether awesomely good or bad is always the rubber.

But I know it's coming.

So many of all y'all stop by here on a day to day basis, thousands actually but I don't give you shit to ingest and you don't give me shit to gag over. It's really quite voyueristic and I find myself feeling guilty of not providing more titillating action through the shades. But really, what is there to say? I went and saw another shitty local band, the President is a fucking dimwit, gee my hair smells teriffic? It's not that I don't want to write but how do you make compelling what's on your mind when what is really on it is lyrics about dead hookers and whether the new coat of stain on the fence will eventually blend with the rest of the enclosure.

And ants. I hate fucking ants. Go Terminix.

I'm hoping to get out to see a band called Lejuene' tomorrow night at the Black Cat. That would be good for the soul.

Several shows to catch this weekend as well, tomorrow night I'll hit the State Theatre, Iota and Fat Tuesday's on my local yokel appreciation tour.



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