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Monday, October 02, 2006

What is the matter with you liberal sickos?

You people and your left wing agenda just make me all volcanic inside. Seriously, why do you hate America? Why do you hate freedom? It's the yammering flip-floppers like you that embolden the terrorists and make us less free to live our lives the way that we're told to!!! You lay out your "facts" and I say HOGWASH!!!!!!!!

For one I'm happy to see how well our "we need to go kick SOMEBODY'S ass" Toby Keith theme song foreign policy is working out. It's great to see another $70,000,000,000 going over towards Iraq, seeing that we have no problems here that we could have used that cash for. Money and lives well spent seeing how the Iraqis are really putting up that U.S.A. loving steadfast government and wicked awesome military, the people are docile, waving the stars and stripes and wishing they were us and the oil is flowing Westward quicker than you can say, "let's go marginalize some homosexuals!!!"

On top of that the Taliban has been totally dismantled and Iran, North Korea and Syria, (Axis of Evil...HA!!! ...more like AXIS OF PUSSIES YO!!!!!!), have been shown their place and have totally capitulated to what we want them to do. Man, you stack up that with the sweeping demopcratic and social reforms made in the rest of the Middle East and I totally feel like things are going great.

Now that we've taken care of the ragheads we can get to taking out the Germans for bombing Pearl Harbor!!! Who's with me? After that we can deal with the real threats to our country like gay marriage, the teaching of evolution, hair gel on airplanes and the wanton slaughter of adorable little frozen embryos that could lead to advances in (stem cell research) HUMAN ANIMAL HYBRID MUTANTS!!!!!!

First and foremost #1 issue to deal iwth though is the fact that the 50 residents of a Gravina Alaska have been denied their rights as Americans by way of not having a $212,000,000 bridge to connect them to the bustling Alaskan metropolis of Ketchikan, Alaska. Right now they have to take a ferry that only runs every 15 MINUTES!!!!

AMERICANS CAN'T WAIT THAT LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I tell you friends, every day I take inspiration from my elected representatives and thank baby Jesus that they are in power and telling me what to do and just want the finger wagging naysayers to shut it and get on with loving America!!! Why would you think these folks don't know better than you what's right? Just today I ruminated on this epistle from (right thinking) Mark Foley, (R), from Florida, talking about keeping our kids safe -

"I have said repeatedly that in this country we track library books better than we do sex offenders." - Mark Foley

If I had a son I would totally like him to go to the beach with a guy like Mark Foley and learn some hard, yet strangely tender, life lessons.

So in conclusion I say get with the program and stop hating freedom!!!

Has anyone seen my Lee Greenwood CD?


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