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Thursday, January 13, 2005

27 minutes and a belly full of destruction

Well it’s been a while now…..

I got some nasty gastric destruction working on my flight back to D.C. yesterday. I ate some Wasabi tuna at a restaraunt in Augusta, Georgia which was probably ill-advised. Asian fusion cooking at a place that smells like a paper mill and has Velcro on the bar to hold glasses down when the trains go by…not so good a mix. On the flight I was seriously contemplating what to do as you are ordered by Jesus and the President not to leave your seat for 30 minutes when approaching National Airport and about 27 minutes out the tuna was talking….loudly. If I had made the mad dash to the bathroom during the no-standing time the plane would have been diverted and I probably would have ended up in Guantanmo bay for my troubles. Still…it was a distinct possibility. Luckily I used my ninja mind control and kept things bottled up until I could get to the terminal.

You don’t want any further details.

Anyway, so tomorrow the band heads up to Manhattan for the big old gig which is going to be a spectacular frenzy of madness and mirth. Me and Philito are taking one car and Wesley and Benifer the other. I think the two smart ones are going to head back after the gig but not me, no a long night of liver destruction lies ahead dammit. I have a crappy hotel room and everything that I can fall down in.

We started recording again last week and it was both fun and miserable. It always goes like that. Wes is pretty much done with his parts but I have a crapload of work to do on guitars and vocals. I think the new stuff is good, but I’m an ego-maniac as has been well documented. You will love it I’m sure and bow down to the majesty that is me and my fellows. We’re awesome.

What else has been going on? Mmmm….New Year’s was fun. Philito and I played at the XM stage during the day down at the Washington Auto Show. It’s a strange gig, you play acoustic on a stage in the main hallway. Zillions of people just walk on by and stare at you for an hour. We started off doing this I would do a song then Phil would do a song thing which was cool except neither one of could figure out where to look when the other was playing. We were sitting right next to each other so if you looked over it gave the appearance of lovestruck gazing. I mean I love Philito and all but too much is just too much. We had mixed up some delicious Jack and Cokes from the flask de Philito earlier in the day and that helped us get through, it always does. The weirdest moment was during a song a guy in a ten ten-foot tall robot costume with scarily long and sexually intrusive looking fingers started dancing in front of Philito. He kept playing, I hit the bourbon, the robot danced clumsily and we were all wary of each other for a good three minutes. Both of us were also completely medicated out the yang on DayQuil which led to some interesting head feelings and physical departures from the norms of control and straight line walking.

So after leaving the show and trips to the local yokel bar and the liquor store we were back in the Mansion on the Hill having a joyous buzz of a time. Friends and neighbors and some assorted family started drifting over and soon I was blazingly intoxicated and reveling in the happiness of it all. Close to midnight I started shooting off crappy fireworks and they sucked, Billy ran home and got some better ones but we all resolved to load up on better armament for next year. Late in the night there was a silly sweet moment of loving in my dining room but I don’t know if I’m at liberty to divulge the details. Trust me, it brought a tear to my sotted eye.

Other than that…..mmm…..Philito and I have discovered our new after practice bar and it’s a wonderfully dirty and fun place to go talk about our awesomeness after practice. I was in Georgia for a few days getting drunk and food poisoned and WHFS went off the air (someone call the “Who gives a shit?!?!” patrol).

Big Apple, I’m coming to eat your worm infested soul you sweet mother.


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