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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Yeah, this is going to be fun

It's my blog and I'll shill if I want to
Shill if I want to........

My band The Pharmacy Prophets will be playing at this awesome place in Manhattan next Friday the 14th called Plaid, (76 East 13th Street in Union Square). This is the same club where Courtney Love beaned the guy in the head with the microphone and got arrested. I will try to behave more kindly, (but cannot vouch for Philito). C'mon out and rock out as we surely will. It's a big room, about 700 folks, four bands and we're headlining so it's a pretty big night for us. If you're going to be up in NYC that weekend or if the following amazing offer compels you to go simply rsvp via email to - to get in for free and get free booze.

Just give your name and ask to be put on the Pharmacy Prophets guest list. Open bar from 9-10, free admission if you're on the list. Feel free to send this on to anyone you think would dig it, we get as many slots on the list as we can fill. Regular admission is Twenty bucks.

More info from the promoter*********************
Here's the details about the performance at Plaid, 76 East 13th Street on January 14th... the party is called Between (a Rock and a Hard Place) and is free to get in on the UNDERBELLY list from 9-11, reduced to $10 admission (normally $20) until 1 am. We also get OPEN BAR from 9-10 so your guests probably want to get there early to have a few freebies... From 10 pm til 1 am we have $5 whiskey and vodka drinks and $4 beers at the back bar so it's not hard to hang out... Also, arriving early means a free smoking bracelet - otherwise the club charges $5 for re-entry...


  • I do believe it's "beamed", not "beaned"

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:19 PM  

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