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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Whither thou Castor?

I just can't get motivated to write much for the blog these days. It's nice of all y'all to send me emails asking for updates and I think about stuff to write all the time but the usual waterfalls of inspiration just aren't flowing.

Like politics........

What else is there to say? I mean things are so bizarrely fucked up with more fucked upness coming out everyday that it's impossible to find something to focus on without it just being a rehash. On top of all the other illegal and immoral bullshit perped by the folks at 1600 Penn now they're involved in refund fraud at Wal-Mart? C'mon?!?!??! That is comedy gold. I barely touched on Cheney shooting some dude in the face. I can't even believe it myself. We have a civil war, the ports fiasco, wiretapping, SHOOTING PEOPLE IN THE FUCKING FACE and yet I can't think of a damn funny thing to write that I haven't written before. Sob.

Musicians are idiots, that's well documented. Lately I keep getting anonymous emails written in the same dunderheaded voice from different email accounts daring me to stir shit up with some local band over some dumbass thing or another. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. I'm being called out and deserve an ass whoopin'! Whee. It's not that I'm not up to the challenge but railing on born fools with delusions of grandeur just isn't greasing the gears these days. In a world full of Thatguy's and Voodoo Blues I find no motivation to razzle and dazzle. Sad.

I ate an entire box of Lucky Charms over the course of two days. Now that felt like an accomplishment.

OK back to the musician thing, just one point. In one of the emails to me that was rampaging on about the last On Tap columnito I was told that "EVERYBODY KNOWS WHO YOU'RE TALKING ABOUT." I love that. I love the fact that some boner thinks that everyone in the universe is aware of some local band and the ins and outs of their everyday doings. If you went to a mall and asked every single person there, "What is your opinion on the state of things that have occurred recently with local Band X?" my guess is you would get 98% blank stares, 1% punches to the scrotum .9% people dialing security and .1% equal to one sullen dope at Hot Topic replying with, "I heard those doodez rock."


Give me a break.

In other news my fish have weathered the winter out in the backyard pond and are happily un-fishsicled and swimming about enjoying the warmer climes. What's that? Not EVERYBODY knows that I have a pond with goldfish in it nor do they care?



I'll try to hit the local yokel shithead bar this week and dig up some inspirational nuggets from Boob and the gang. It's the least (truly) that I can do for the folks that stop by here on a daily basis.

Finally I'm totally sure that you have heard this from all the major media outlets already but just in case you have been trapped in a tiger cage recently the Prophets are playing at Iota on April 8th as part of the Six Points Music Festival. It will be sassy and magically delicious.


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