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Friday, October 28, 2005

One down so many to go

See ya Scooter, don't let that cell door hit you in the ass. HAHA!

I think it's sad that it took six fucking years for someone in the administration to get slapped around for lying. Maybe this will be a trend but somehow I doubt it. I would love to see Rove go to prison hand-in-hand with Scooter. I wonder how that smug little smirk will go over with Maurice Thundercock in cell block eight. I say line em' all up....Delay, Rove, Frist, Libby and let the gravy train begin. Elevate the terror alert to code red on their buttholes!!!!!! Sure it'll never happen but a boy can dream, (although the fact that I'm dreaming about a bunch of old rich ugly white dudes getting bent over by the Los Locos Diablos prison gang disturbs me a bit).

Somewhere I bet Bill Clinton is smiling at the day's events, probably while getting a lapdance.

I just saw Bush's little press conference about how much he loves Scooter Libby and all the great things he did for America like lying his ass off and getting a bunch of us killed over in Iraq for nothing . Things must be really bad for the Prez as he has re-adopted the Lee Marvin cowboy voice of 2001 and campaign days and is making assertive pronouncements about "protecting America" instead of being the least bit forthcoming about what a fucking trainwreck the last few weeks have been for the White House. What a dick. I'm waiting for him to climb up on a rock and pull out his bullhorn to get the full effect of the last time he was worth half a shit. The karma train seems to be revving up a bit....choo choo!!!!

One more totally hysterical political comment and then I'll stop.

Harriet Meiers.

Yuk yuk.

In other news I'm in San Fran. It's really beautiful here aside from the huge number of homeless folks, used condoms on the sidewalk and sizable workforce of extremely vocal hookers that congregate underneath the window of my hotel room at night. Apparently Latonya can do things with her mouth that will take one's breath away, at least that's what she claims to the passersby.

I gave a brilliant opinion on the death of the indie record store for DCist. Click away and revel in my genius.


  • We can dream, can't we? I'd love to see them all go down. Enjoy San Francisco. I'll be checking out your piece on DCist.

    By Blogger Washington Cube, at 5:18 PM  

  • It's too bad you look so funny, being as smart as you are and all.

    By Blogger Phil Rossi, at 6:52 PM  

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