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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Getting down to business

We, (as in the band), have been blasting away like mad trying to get this EP finished in time for it's grand birth on Saturday the 22nd at Iota. We're getting there and have the foundations of all five songs finished up and just need to sprinkle in the last remaining drams of awesomeness to have it ready for Ben to mix and master.


Damn, remember when Metallica didn't totally eat goat shit? Those were the days.

Anyhoo this EP is the long time coming reflection of the current version of the band which is a really different thing than the last time we recorded anything. I'm the only one left from our first CD, "Songs of Death and Happiness", and while I'll always love that record it just doesn't sound much like what we sound like now. So some people will probably hate the new stuff and some will dig it and that's cool, I just want to get it out there and at least have a decent representation of what things really sound like these days.

Recording is a weird thing. You can play songs live 198,527 times at practice and shows and never miss a beat but turn on the microphones in the studio and it's Land of Confusion (minus the puppets) all over again. It takes a while to get honed in and when time is short that gets pretty stressful. Thank god we're all assured in ourselves of how totally badass we are so we don't get down about things, it's a great security blanket the egomania.

The cover is another picture created by the Mrs and I think it's spookily cool as shit. A scan of it is at the top of this post. All the songs relate to one or more of the others lyrically. That was kind of intense to get together but good practice for writing the rock opera. It's going to be about a deaf dumb and blind kid who can fix his hair better than any of the normall kids and thus becomes (deservedly) the messiah. It's going to be like nothing you've ever heard before.

On a different note some dickhole is trying to give Philito the piss on another blog. It's mildly entertaining the simple mindedness of it all -

Some people, you just can't reason with them.


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