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Thursday, September 15, 2005

RockStar AMS

I haven't seen my friend Iron Mike Holden in quite some time and now I know why. That shifty little bastard changed his name to Mig, turned into a raving ponce and is trying to become the new lead singer of INXS!!!!!! I was watching TV last night and there he was talking to Dave Navarro with some crazy British accent.

Look at the proof!! Do pictures on the internet lie!!!!

Mikey I don't where you get the moxie but as a friend I have to tell you if you're going to wear the skintight leather trousers and you're...ummmm....shortchanged in a certain critical area follow the lead of Derek Smalls from Spinal Tap and get some image assistance from the produce department at the grocery store.

You go Iron Mig, may the gods of rock and roll guide your way. Follow in the swanky footsteps of Michael Hutchence, just stop following when you get to the hanging yourself in the nude part.

You can catch Mike this Sunday, September 18, 2005 at the Austin Grill's "A Heart As Big As Texas" Fundraiser at the Austin Grill in Silver Spring, MD. A couple days after that we'll all find out if he's the new singer for INXS.

You can never...tear us bom bom bommmmm......


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