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Monday, October 17, 2005

Spirit of the Radio

We sat around the dining room table getting bombed and listening to our interview on DC 101’s Local Lix show last night. It was fun to hear myself jibbering and jabbering away and sounding wholly pretentious and wonderful on the station that played the first Ratt song that I ever heard. Oh the memories. My hair looks beautiful on radio by the way…'s really something.

On top of that we got a nice little spot in the Washington Post's Sunday Source yesterday about the Saturday’s CD release show at
Iota (nudge nudge wink wink). Other than the fact that the accompanying photo was of me the best part was the statement that the band is "led" by me. Finally the media giants are getting with the damn program and giving me some of the respect that I deserve. It's about damn time.

I've been thinking of this leadership thing and have come to the conclusion that in the band I'm kind of like Dutch in Predator and my mateys in the Prophets are my team of highly skilled rock and roll assassins. Oh wait.."we're a rock and roll band…not assassins" I forgot the proper Predator syntax. But back to point……

Philito is like Dillon, (what's the matter Dillon…the
Bad Habit have you pushing too many pencils?), Trey is Billy Bear and the jury is out on whether Ben is Blain or Anna. Ben doesn't talk a whole lot so it's tough to get a read on him regarding stuff like this. I'm waiting for him to break out with some profound statement like, "This stuff will make you a god damned sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me!" to cement his Blain-ness. As of yet he has not done so, nor has he gotten hysterical and jabbered in Spanish about the "jungle coming alive", so the jury is out. Hell, maybe he'll come out of left field and turn out to be our own personal Pancho Ramirez. I'll keep you posted.

Obviously when you have a team of killers you have to kill something, i.e. the Predator, so I have been thinking about whom best fills that role in the jungle de los Pharmacy Prophets. It has to be ugly and evil and wholly without conscience, a ruthless killer that subjugates others to fill its enormous ego. Obviously (duh) we're all battling
Mikey Holden and his, "CHECK ME OUT I'M GOING TO STAB YOU WITH MY LANCE", mentality when it comes to his place in the local music scene and his supposed open license to transport around the town disemboweling innocent emo rockers, (not that that's a bad thing overall but you have to have some decorum and due process to the slaughter otherwise societal madness and a resurgence of Limp Bizkit are sure to follow).

So we must kill him. For you, for us, for Anna and the rest of the open micers slaughtered at the gorilla camp.

Sure the deck is stacked against us, he's got ownership of his metro music board and WAMA and his tooty-fruity skinhead psycho mental patient haircut and that is an impressive arsenal to go up against but if it bleeds, (and I've seen him bleed…he is susceptible to paper cuts) we can kill it..him…whatever.

He's ornery and elusive but he is drawn to the conflict so I know where things are going down. Come out and see the final battle royale this Saturday at Iota. If you want to buy me a beer I'll be hiding behind a wall of mud back by the cigarette machine. ]


Pharmacy Prophets CD release for "Pan Into the Grayscale"Saturday, 10/22 at Iota.w/ the
Alphabetical Order and Run Silent Run Deep .
2832 Wilson Boulevard


  • O Imperious Leader

    ahahhahahaha you got one thing right though - Ben is totally Anna, only without the Spanish :)

    By Blogger professor wes, at 10:35 AM  

  • Little Richard has probably never seemed so macho badass as during that helicopter trip.

    I still can't get over Predator's uncanny and unnerving ability to spawn future governors.

    I think Rossi could pull off Dillon.

    Look forward to hearing the EP and the Iota show.

    By Blogger Is he to be reached?, at 3:41 PM  

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