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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Nasville - Updated

Nashville updates...and more! Posted by Hello

Further Update: Rock Dude's flight is delayed and he is PISSED!!!!!! He's on the phone with his "manager" saying, "WEATHER AIN'T MY PROBLEM MAN!!!!!!" Fantastic. I almost hope my flight is delayed as well so I can see if he hits full on meltdown and gets tossed from the airport.

Update: Wireless networks in airports that allow one to drink Bloody Mary's and tip-type away are a good thing. It allows me to catch up on the blog, catch a buzz and pass the time. Airports are great for human observation and critiquing. To wit;

Years ago Henry Rollins put out a spoken word CD where he described, "Rock Dude", that inhabits every airport in America. It was spot on and very, very funny and as it turns out still very accurate more than ten years later. I am sitting next to Rock Dude at the bar. Thinning long hair, tight girl jeans, Zildjian t-shirt, anvil briefcase, shades (on), looking very rock. He's drinking white wine. I am typing to avoid the staring/laughing urge that is inhabiting every fiber of my being. Rock dude is on the cell phone talking loudly about, "the gig", so we can all overhear and be impressed by the mere presence of such a rocking mofo. Rock dude just ordered another white wine. HAHA!

There's apparently problems with the logistics of the gig but, "Whatever man, they can't do anything about our rocking." (Real direct quote). He's killing me. More later.

Dateline: Nashville

Eavesdropping on the dude next to me talking on his cell phone and eating breakfast....."lotsa gurls gonna be heartbroken today...Kenny Chesney got up and murried....some actress......Renee ur sumthin ur other....yup....they got murried barefoot....only known each other fur a month....met at the soonahmee concert it says....yup.......I'll bring the article's Angel and Brianna......good.....good....yup......ah it's HBO but I don't like nuthin on there....yup....yup......yup........I took a cab....could'n talk a lick of inglish.......yup....Oh I know it......Oh I know it....Oh I know it....yup.Very affirmative this guy.

AnywayI have been travelling hither and yon and all so the blog has been neglected. Sorry.


  • Keep the live airport blogging coming, Stevie B. I'm enjoying it. Please tell Rock Dude I said hello.

    By Blogger Mike, at 11:48 AM  

  • Good call on Rollins' 'Rock Dude'. I was kinda hoping that guy had finally died off, but apparently not. Girl jeans, no less.

    By Blogger professor wes, at 7:46 AM  

  • Painter's Alley! Yeh buddy.

    Maybe you can pick up a thinning rock dude wig and return the favor for someone at the airport, or would that make you feel too much like Bruce Willis in 12 Monkeys?

    By Anonymous you know who, at 2:44 PM  

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