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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

General Sherman's Decorating Tips

Burn it down baby.

I'm heading to Atlanta in a couple of hours which should be a'ight. A solid 24 hour trip for about 45 minutes of actual work....weirdness. Oh well, I go where I am told.

The show Friday was good, sent Wesley off with maximum rocking and rolling and shots, (me and Philito anyway....we drank Wes and Ben's for them just to be nice guys), and all the hoi hoi a joy joy that comes with last shows and that kind of change.

No update on Ali Baba as of yet that I can post. Total insanity...poor Baba.

I think those round pour spouts that have replaced the traditional carton opening on orange juice containers were invented by vengeful wives. There's nothing quite like hammering down half of a half of a gallon of orange juice straight from the carton along with four aspirin at about 4:30 in the morning to forestall a hangover after a solid evening at the bar. But spill it all over your face trying to wedge that little valve thingy up to your mouth while getting your nose under the top edge of the carton. Not that such a thing happened to me last night leading the Mrs. to wake up and ask what the hell was wrong with me or anything....I'm just pointing it out in general terms. Mean bitches those orange juice hags.

I had a dream last night that a 3' tall version of Tom Delay and I were having a "Grumpy Old Men" style go-around at a motel called the Tiki Lounge. At one point in the dream I said, "who cares what you have to say you angry little munchkin" and he charged me and tried to bite me in the nuts. It was pretty odd and I wish I could recall more of the dream than I can. I know that at various points Jon Belushi, the Olsen twins, Trey, Philito, the Mrs., and Ving Rhames all made appearances at the Tiki Lounge. I think I need to lay off the pastrami before dinner, that shit was pretty disturbing.

I got a kickass new Hanoi Rocks t-shirt in the mail yesterday. I won it on eBay. Amazingly it appears that I was the only bidder....surely a technical glitch. It says, "dead by Christmas" (title of one of my favorite Hanoi songs) on the front and Hanoi Rocks on the back. I love it dearly as should all of you.

I'm meeting up in Hotlanta tonight with my old roommate Kevin who years ago had the good sense to ask me to be the best man at his wedding. Should be fun and hopefully I will get some good stories to tell from the evening.

Rock it.


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