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Friday, April 14, 2006

Like a Viking

It's been four years and two days since one of my best friends, John Kidner, died and in my busy business and selfishness I forgot all about it. Goddamn I feel like a shit.

If you ever read the mover portraits on this here blog all those maniacs worked with me at his company, Kidner Transport.
The first show the Pharmacy Prophets ever played was a benefit at Iota in John's honor and I thought about him a lot when we graced that same stage last Saturday. I find myself thinking about him even more today.

John Kidner was my boss and my greatest irritation, my landlord for a time, my conspirator in awful behavior and above all my friend. At his funeral we buried him with a pair of red Chuck Taylor's and our friend Shaun from the band Kung Fury played a Jeff Beck song by the grave. To this day I have never been more gut punched by a piece of music and I doubt that I ever will. Pretty rough but amazing stuff.

John I'm sure you're up on some celestial plane or another laughing at the fact that your picture still makes me cry. I can't help it, I'm just a sensitive soul despite my brusque and intimidating exterior. In the spirit of toughening up the innards I'm sporting a Kidner Transport, "Manly Men Moving Manly Things in a Manly Way", shirt and promise that I'll try harder to live up to the ideals of a Viking.

I miss the shit out of you buddy.

Rest in Peace.


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