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Friday, April 14, 2006

It's too much...too much.......too much

Somewhere a marketing intern is looking at this on the Ikea showroom floor and thinking to himself, "I can't believe those Swedish idiots didn't catch that."

Too funny.

I want to buy one.....because I'm a jerk silly!

And now on to the show.

Wow, it's been some time since I graced this pasture. I have considered just shutting down el bloggo due to lack of time but I'm going to do the opposite and make it greater than ever. Get ready.....I'm going to start posting when drunk!


Anyhoo things have been terribly busy with the other half of life that concerns employment but who cares? You work a bit, you get paid, you go have some fun, big deal. I type on a computer all day. Boo hoo. Woe is me. It's really a piece of cake just one that takes some time to consume on occasion.

It's my birthday tomorrow which should be a huge ceremonial event across the land but mostly it's a bunch of pissed off people in line at the Post Office waiting to drop off their taxes. The thing about having a birthday on April 15th, you can always find someone to have a drink with. The downside is they're usually borderline suicidal and looking to stick you with the check. I do get free shots tonight at the local yokel tavern up the road and will take full advantage of that. My liver has yet to even think of recovering from last weekend's visit from Ali Baba but internal organs like the Warrior Knights of Kima must eternally soldier on.

I just made up the Warrior Knights of Kima so don't bother googling it, (Jeff.)

Speaking of last weekend that Iota show was a full out blast. The place was jammed and the spirits were high and much rocking and frolicking was occurring. Good good times. One of my oldest friends from la neighborhood came down from Williamsburg and we caught up well. I met a guy who played guitar and bass for George Clinton for 22 years, how fucking cool is that? He was a total swank character and I hope to run into him again and hear the stories that run through his veins. Many thanks to everybody who came out to our show, any other Six Points show , and especially to the folks that put the whole shooting match together. It was good and it will get gooder.

This just in - Cheney throws a baseball as well as he figures out foreign policy.

I am still fully ambivalent despite my want for ire about what's going on with the country. I watched a Joe Biden interview last week and couldn't help thinking that he could have won where Kerry lost, that is, appearing to not be made of tin and having a rusty mousetrap for a yapper. But he didn't run, Kerry did and now we're all heading towards Armageddon. Ah well...pack your water wings for I hear the rivers of lava in Hell have strong currents.

Now playing - "Back to Mystery City" by Hanoi Rocks. Good juju on this one.

Philito rolled the dice and got a questionable haircut. My reign of Sexy Hair Overlord is now uncontested until he can regather his strength for another run at the title. Like THAT will ever really happen. I just got his wedding invite in the mail, I hope it won't ruin the moment for him when people are like, "God this is so beautiful, almost as beautiful as that guy's hair, (pointing at me)."

Monday is the anniversary of the day I hoodwinked the Mrs. Into legal union with yours truly. She is quite the thing and every day I think she's cooler and cooler. So bless you dear for you are of the Saints, the really sexy Saints.

I have some tip tapping to do in return for the Johnny Paycheck but will probably post up some thoughts on the full out stupidity and absolute absurdness of a guitar player experience I recently had. It's funny and dumb all at the same time, like John Gibson!

See ya later and thanks for hanging in there with me.


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