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Monday, April 17, 2006

Good Kitty

<-----Trey at Iota. Basking in the warm embrace.

We just, after months if not years of scheduling problems, booked our first show at the Black Cat or as I like to call it El Gato Del Negro. I am finding this booking to be quite exciting.

Y’see when you’re in a band there are certain rooms that embrace you with more open arms than other for whatever reason and as is human nature you tend to yearn for the love of those that cast your affections away. It’s not a logical thing at all, at least for me, as there are certain rooms that I hold in middling regard that others find tremendous and rooms that I hold dear that some find odiferous. The Cat is one that I have wanted to snuggle up to since the birth of the band but no matter how I flipped my hair it just never seemed to happen until now. I have seen so many shows there they have my liver on speed dial and I even played there once in Luka Brazzi but the Prophets have never mined their gold for whatever reason and I’m really happy for the chance to swing my sledge hammer, (musically speaking). The show is on a Monday, no sweat. Is it weird to go from playing weekends to being geeked for a Monday? Not really. It's the room we want to get into so we'll take what we can get until we can prove that we can get what we can take. Translate that into a big invitation for all of you to get out there and drink the bars as dry as Ruth after the salt incident so they want us and your hollow legs back for bigger nights.

But back to the concept of room love. Other rooms big or small have their own relationship with the Prophetitos and logically there doesn’t seem to be a real reason for the love or lack thereof from one to another but there is. Fer instance….

Above all places on this here earth I will always hold Iota more dear than others for many reasons most of them more personal than band related. My adult life and the important players in it are one way or another intrinsically related to the bar and a bit of my soul is layered in the paint on the walls, at least I think so, and I will always call Iota home. It is a special place for me. Bar none number one. Is it the biggest, nope, but it is the best. Bank it.

Another great great place for the Prophets is the Velvet Lounge. The Velvet calls to the darkest and warmest places in my heart. It’s a room built for rock and roll. Fuck the TV’s, fuck pool tables and that ilk; just a stage, a great sound system, a floor for people to get groovy on and murder in the air. I love playing there. Some people don’t, I call them sissies. The Velvet rules.

I would love to play the 9:30 Club just to say I did it and have a lot of pictures taken.

On the other hand a nice joint that a lot of bands round here play is DC9 and for whatever reason we never clicked. We sent some show ideas back and forth but I think both parties just said…..ehhhhhhhhhhhhh. I go see shows there and maybe someday we’ll play there but it’s just off my horizon and I’m reasonably sure we’re off theirs. Is there a measurable difference between Iota, Black Cat backstage, Velvet Lounge and DC9? Not really. But in my little universe there is and for no good or bad it just is the way that it is. Odds.

That’s a mini-microcosm.

May 22nd, Pharmacy Prophets for the very first time at the Black Cat.

It ain’t just another Manic Monday.

Woah oh oh.


  • I am in town and will break my Prophets drought for this one. Mark the calendar . . . I seem to remember you doing the same for me once, same venue . . .

    By Blogger doctorjones, at 9:18 PM  

  • Sweet . . .

    By Blogger fjelehjifel, at 12:57 PM  

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