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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

You've got an ass you might as well shake it


But it's a weeknight and I'm tired and it's cold and my private parts are dry and scratchy and rock and roll is dead and I kinda like Josh Groban and my testicles and uvula are all in an uproar and a pirate ate my babies and regurgitated them to an albino dingo like a mama bird and besides that it's ER and this acid reflux thing combined with my miserable bowel syndrome....


The story goes like this.

and as the boy was lost and had been for some time he approached the first man he saw on the road he said he said and said once more, "sir can you help me find my way home" and the man said, "my son you are not lost...can't you see that the world is simply going in the wrong direction for you."

the boy started to cry and look to the sky and said "but i want to get home to my mother and tell her where i have been and rest my weary head." the man said back with a chilling smile "oh my son being a good boy is not the hand you were this life somepeople like you and some people like me, well, we are of the dark and get lost in the brightness of day. he said "my son my son……to get home you have to stop worrying about the light of day, to find your way boy...."

"You just have to let your black heart shine."

Tomorrow night the Pharmacy Prophets return to Iota
w/ exit Clov and Brother Seamus
2832 Wilson blvd
Arlington, VA
Show starts at 9:00


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