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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Here I am like Ken Norton (sega reference)

OK here we go. I have been totally lax and I’ll blame it on the goddamn weather.

First up I did not make it to New Orleans due to a damn ice storm that blasted Atlanta’s airport. What are the chances of that? God hates me but it’s just because he’s jealous of my hair. Anyway…so I got into it with a large mouthed bitchy gate agent who had bumped me off my plane to New Orleans and will gleefully listen up for Delta Airlines to lay off assholeish twits named Lovie that wouldn’t know decency if it was driven up their massive asses by a front-end loader.

That bitch.

So I got home in the middle of the night on Friday/Saturday (no luggage, my luggage made it to New Orleans just fine. I think my shaving kit picked up an STD from a tranny down on Bourbon Street) and promptly picked up a sweet cold that was eclipsed only by the Mrs’ Flu. Mine morphed into puking which gave it its own hellish little twist and we wallowed in our respective miseries for a couple days.

Adding to my misfortunate and mood was my damnable neighbors buying a sweet ass 50” TV set. I already hate them for their extra basement and now this? Just wait until shoulder fired missiles go on sale at the Armory……then we’ll see who’s laughing DAMN YOU!!!!!

Let’s see, tomorrow we record more of my awesome and beautiful vocals for the EP and then Philito gets to work. It will be sexy, how could it not?

I’m heading to Charlotte on Saturday and will see what that town has to offer up these days. After that it’s back home for more recording and jamming and awesomeness culminating in a blast of Mayor of Deityville style rocking at Iota on the 17th.



  • My name is Osama. live in Pakistan. Where is this armory you mentioned? How much do the missiles cost? And how many can I buy at one time?

    Maybe you could be the middle man. I'd buy a zillion copies of your CD--the one that slyly praises the prophet on the cover--and you could buy the missiles for me, eh?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:04 PM  

  • ah; basement envy, television masochism, puking...and fireworks! Can it get any better?

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:50 AM  

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