Castor Oil...sickeningly good

Friday, March 11, 2005


I was chatting with Iron Mike earlier today about the awesomeness of Shitrocket. After about five seconds we started discussing what a bunch of cocks the other two imaginary Shitrocket dudes were so we said fuck those a-holes and formed a new band on the spot called DickNickel. So Shitrocket is yesterday's papers and we're all DickNickel for life now. I'll go get our cool ass logo tattooed on my ass this weekend. It's the letters DN in a circle, totally original bro....not at all like the gay OBX stickers that you're thinking of. Pretty soon I'll order a bunch of stickers to plaster on the stop signs near my mom and dad's house and get some band photos taken. It's going to kick ass. I think Iron Mike is under the impression that he'll be the front-man but I'll get that straightened out soon enough. I mean really, should this hair be wasted on playing bass?

Anybody want to gig out with the awesome spectacle that is mother fucking DickNickel?

Have a good weekend. I just dropped a drippy ass chicken wing on my keyboard so this entry should smell like hot sauce.


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