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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Uptown girl I'm rotten in the guts

One time long ago I went to Cincinnati for New Year’s Eve. I had a 102 degree fever but went out anyway and partied like a madman. At 1:00 a.m. my feet started feeling very hot and all of a sudden the heat shot through my whole body like a roman candle. I passed out on the floor and started hallucinating wildly, (or so I was told). When I came to I was in a crappy motel room and smelled atrocious. The moral of the story is that Cincinnati is not only hard to spell but that it’s bad for you.

Thus endeth today’s Public Service Announcement

I had to go out to dinner last night and really felt like crap but off I went regardless as my social responsibility knows no boundaries. I met some folks at Café’ Asia and looked around at the beeyooteefull people. The food there is pretty mediocre but once I start drinking sake’ it’s really a nominal concern. All in all a good time but my body is simply on the verge of telling me to go to hell. I feel poisoned. Who’s up for happy hour????

This is the lamest post of all time but it’s the best I got.

Oh, one more thing. I have to go see that Billy Joel musical tonight so I can almost guarantee I’ll pick up some sound people-snarking material to use tomorrow. Until then sing me a song I’m the hungover man sing me an aspirin tonight because my stomach feels like a port-a-john and my liver isn’t feeling alright.


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