Castor Oil...sickeningly good

Monday, November 22, 2004

Lil help..yes you, the abomination up front!!!

Let me just say this one thing….

If you are reading this and have not yet had kids yet know in your heart that you are a tremendous fucking asshole with a crappy outlook on life that hates everything that scares you which is just about everything on the planet and you happen to be physically repulsive not via genetics but by the horrendous atrocities of diet and fashion that you have subjected your body to and have a grating voice that is as melodious as a pile of broken glass being sucked into a vacuum cleaner and on top of all of that think everyone on the face of the fucking planet wants to hear your loud and completely uninformed opinions about the shitty state of just about everything do us all a favor and don’t go out there and find a miserable shit just like you only of the opposite sex and start fucking and have some miserable little fuckfaced kids that are the next generation of everything shitty about the both of you.

If you refuse to follow this directive at least have the courtesy to stay the fuck away from me you soul-eating zombie bastard fuckhearts in your embroidered sweat clothing and Laura Bush haircuts you goddam things you.


It’s fucking coffee…..order it and move on or better yet drop the whole 10-gallon container on your round fucking head and scald the shitty look off of your fat fucking face with the scalding hot liquid inside.

This message brought to you by the “I’m in a hurry and think I’ll pop in here for a quick cup of coffee but no the shit in front of me has decided to act out all the worst parts of the human experience in conjunction with having no csah and a maxxed out and declined credit card so I'm stuck listening to their horrid bullshit and smelling the kid's loaded diaper for ten minutes” Association of America.


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